Student Spotlight – Bella Byers 


  Isabella Byers a current sophomore at HAHS who is involved in cheer and marching band. She has done cheer since kindergarten so this will be her eleventh year cheering, but in between she had played softball. This year she is also joining the drama club. Her favorite classes are Spanish or English because she was always good at both of those subjects and they come to her easily. On the other hand, her least favorite class is Algebra because, “I’m not very good at it.” Bella is very musically inclined and she has joined the marching band this year. In marching band she plays the baritone saxophone. Also in her free time she likes to write and sing her very own songs. 

     Her favorite thing about school is meeting new people. One of the new people she had met is Paige Cassler, a freshman. They met at an open gym for cheer during the summer. They became almost instant best friends. Paige says. “Bella is one of my best friends, and her contagious laughter just makes her stand out from everyone else.”