Freshman remember their favorite memories of the 2022-23 school year


Tia Adam

Over the course of the 2022-23 school year many students from grades 9 have made many good memories at the high school which will hopefully remain with them forever. 

     High school freshman, Morgan Riegel, has two key memories of her freshman year: a mini photo shoot with her friend group’s lunch table and decorating walls for the World Cup activity. Morgan enjoyed her friend’s mini photoshoot as it was just a fun escape from a stressful school world with her friends. She remembers from that event specifically the hair mustaches her and her friends made. Morgan’s key memory from her class’s World Cup wall on Senegal was that she had accidentally printed out and hung up the wrong flag for her country, so she had to quickly take it down before anybody saw it. 

     Another freshman, John Sharp, claims that his key freshman memory was his freshman football season. John was number 55 on the football team, and he played as a nose guard and as an offensive tackle. Besides the overall football experience, John mainly enjoys remembering the funny shenanigans that went on in the football locker room, but also just playing in the game in general. 

     One other freshman, Bethany Stufflet, claims that her favorite freshman memory was her mini journalism trip to Kutztown University. She specifically enjoyed being able to see Percy the Camel on campus wearing his little blanket that showed his hump. She also enjoyed the refreshing fountains on campus and the story behind them. Overall Bethany enjoyed seeing the campus which could possibly influence her future college decision. 

     Overall these are just some of the memories these students have made in their freshman year, and hopefully with the many other short years of high school left for them they will be able to experience many more memories that might even be better.