Lauren Atkins reflects on high school career

Lauren Atkins reflects on high school career

Emily Smith

Lauren Atkins has been an accomplished student and athlete among the Hamburg student body and will be graduating this June. Throughout her high school career, she has been the vice president of her class, among the top 20 students according to GPA, and a great teammate on Hamburg’s field hockey team. 

     Lauren’s ambition has been the number one component to her success. “Through high school, I have always had a lot of ambition to succeed and make a successful future for myself, and putting myself into challenging classes really motivated me to excel through the past four years,” says Atkins. One of her most challenging courses this year was AP Calculus AB, which is known for its rigorous coursework and difficult material. “It is not hard because there is a lot of work, but because there are so many concepts, and even though I really enjoy mathematics, it is still a challenge to understand every concept,” says Lauren. Her enjoyment of mathematics has opened up various career pathways, and for the next four years, she will be attending Lebanon Valley College with a major in actuarial science.

     Besides academics, Atkins has been a vital part of Hamburg’s field hockey team. She has played field hockey since seventh grade, and her love for the sport has developed significantly from there. Lauren has learned about herself as a person and teammate through every season and every injury. “My favorite moment of my hockey career was of course getting to know the team and making really strong bonds with the other girls, but personally, it was so much more than that. If I really had to dig deep, I would say that my favorite moment in my field hockey career was overcoming my ACL surgery and finally having the relief that I can play hockey again. It was never easy and I had to work really hard to get back where I was pre-injury, but I eventually did it. I learned so much about myself and my limits, but more importantly, my determination, and that has to be my favorite memory,” says Atkins. 

     Lauren is proud to be from Hamburg and is very grateful for the resources and support she has received from the district. “Hamburg has a lot of resources to help students academically with all the classes they offer, and the teachers who teach the classes. My academic career was probably helped the most because of the teaching staff at Hamburg; they are determined to help their students excel and they are just good examples of motivation,” says Lauren. She hopes that current and future high school students will take advantage of what Hamburg has to offer and enjoy the short time they have. “My advice to other HAHS students is to just know that graduation will come fast. More importantly, though, put yourself first and focus on your own mental health. Do your work, and get by. There’s no reason to wear yourself thin and be burnt out, enjoy the time you have and celebrate when it’s over.”

     Lauren will undoubtedly be successful in her college career and throughout the rest of her life.