Students attend the Academic Honors Presentation


Bethany Stufflet

Around the beginning of April, some students from Hamburg Area High School began receiving letters from the school in the mail. The letters read, “Congratulations on making Honors for the 2022-2023 school year! This means you achieved a top 20 ranking in your class for the first three quarters of this school year based on GPA.” The letter invited the student and two guests to attend the Honors Presentation, which would be held on May 1, 2023. It would start with breakfast in the cafeteria and then relocate to the auditorium for the recognition program.

     The students who received the letters, reported to the cafeteria after homeroom and waited for the guests to arrive. Once the guests arrived, breakfast was served. For breakfast, there were eggs, french toast, bacon, and fresh fruit. The available beverages included orange juice, bottled water, and tea or coffee. After breakfast, the students and their guests filed into the auditorium and waited for the ceremony to start. The program began with a small introduction from Dr. Beissel, then they began by recognizing the ninth grade students first. Tia Adam was the first student up on the stage to receive her certificate. The rest of the students followed her lead as their names were called. Once all of the students for the grade were up on stage, they got a group picture taken by Mrs. Fink. This applied with the rest of the grades, however the senior class had an extra award. If they received honors in all four years, they received a special pin in addition to their certificate.

     Once the program was over, students and guests were able to take more pictures if they wanted. Morgan Riegel, Tia Adam, and I took pictures with our families and with each other. Then after the guests left, we headed back to our lockers and carried on with the day. Tia Adam, freshman at HAHS, said “I loved it. It made me feel very accomplished and made me proud of myself.” Overall, it was a great experience and a good motivator for the underclassmen to keep up the good grades.