Nintendo makes headlines with Super Mario Bros. Movie


Kaeli Cox

This year The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been the topic of much conversation. 

The hit movie was produced by Universal Pictures, Illumination, and Nintendo, as well as directed by Aaron Horvath and Micheal Jelenic. Some popular voices heard in the movie are Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Seth Rogan. The movie is the first to depict a somewhat origin story of Nintendo’s popular video game Super Mario Bros. or any of the Super Mario franchise. The movie received a lot of attention for its unique plot and intriguing cast, but factors aside, how good is the actual film?

     While the target audience is players of the games itself, the movie appeals to everyone. The introduction of characters featured in the games lets watchers who may have never played the game itself still be able to follow along. The amount of elements from the game included in the film are also a very appealing factor. While popular characters such as Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Peach are the focus of the film, a lot of “power-ups” and characters meant to make the game difficult also play an important role in the film. The accuracy of the characters’ looks and personalities gives watchers a better understanding of the plot. 

     The protagonist, Mario, is faced with the challenge of defeating the antagonist, Bowser, to save his brother and friends. Through this journey a subplot. not featured in the games. is introduced where Bowser is actually gaining this power to impress, and hopefully marry, Princess Peach. While the accuracy from the game to the film is impressive, this change differentiates the game from the film and further explains why in the games Bowser is so evil and Mario’s enemy.