HAHS celebrates Pi Day


Bethany Stufflet

      March 14 is Pi Day. And is typically celebrated with round foods and fun pi related activities. Miss Heckman, a math teacher at Hamburg Area High School, and some other math teachers have some special activities planned for their classes. On Pi Day Miss Heckman will host a Pi Day party for some of her classes, that is if enough of her students sign up to bring in food. The students can bring any food as long as they are circular. She will also be hosting a Pi Reciting Contest for her classes. The winner from each class will receive a prize bag. The only requirement is that each student who enters the contest, must know at least 15 digits of pi. Miss Heckman’s final activity is an extra credit opportunity for her class. If any of her students make her a Pi Day greeting card, either hand-drawn or digital, they will be given extra credit.

     In addition to all of these fun activities Miss Heckman is doing for her classes, she also has shirts made every year. Students were able to order them and will receive them soon. This year’s shirt is hawaiian themed, and a tribute to Mr. Bucheit, who will be retiring.