Student Spotlight – Lily Bentz



       Lily Bentz is sophomore at HAHS who is enrolled in BCTC’s early childhood development program. She picked this program because she wants to become a teacher for children grades kindergarten through fourth grade. She attends BCTC because she plans on “using the credits I will attain through my program. I plan on attending Reading Area Community College for one year, then transferring to Kutztown University for two years in order to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree. As of right now, I plan on staying another year at Kutztown in order to complete a Master’s Degree. After that, I hope to work as an elementary teacher for grades kindergarten through fourth grade.” 

      She is currently involved in cheerleading. She started cheer in kindergarten cheering for HYFCA program, and cheered for middle school and now she cheers for the varsity high school. She fell in love with this sport early on and is considering doing it up until college.

     While she is an exceptional student-athlete, Lily’s favorite class is English, because “We’re able to do a lot of fun group activities. I also really like my teacher, Mrs. Texter. Though overall, my favorite subject is math because there’s always a definitive answer.” With English there are usually multiple right answers or the answer is ambiguous. She likes the fact that in math there is one right answer that way there is reassurance of being correct. On the other hand her least favorite class is “biology because it’s just not something I’m interested in.” Biology is very tedious and there are many things to remember.

     Lily is a quiet person but that does not stop her from making friends. She says very few words, but she is a favorite among the cheer team. Her good friend Bella Byers says she is “glad they met in kindergarten and became friends.” She added, “She is the nicest and smartest person I’ve ever met. She is also very flexible which makes her an amazing flyer.”