Ninth graders finish a school year


LeeAnn Mills

     As the end of the 2022-2023 school year approaches, seniors will be leaving for college, trade school, or possibly entering the workforce. At the same time, the current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors will move up and replace the ladder. This year has gone by very quickly, especially for the growing teenagers. This is the time their lives are changing. Responsibilities are broadening, and their minds and bodies are maturing. Arguably, the current freshmen are experiencing the most change in one school year out of any class. Sophomores have been through the process once already, juniors twice, and seniors thrice. All students learn differently, some 9th graders may be flourishing, and others may be struggling. 

     One freshman student that feels “pretty darn good” about the school year coming to a close is Riley Mohn. She described feeling “pretty scared of a lot of the teachers” at the beginning of the school year as well as extremely nervous about the shift to high school. On the other hand, after a few months in 9th grade, Riley had created a family and felt much more comfortable around her teachers. Overall, she rated her year an eight out of ten. 

     Riley Mohn had a pretty decent ninth grade year, but other students said they felt quite the opposite. Kayla Kline, a friend of Riley’s, said, “The school year needs to be over already.” Another friend of Riley’s said, “These first couple of days were already really stressful because middle school treated us like babies, but now I’m stressed because of all the work!” Though both of these students are overwhelmed with the new load of schoolwork, they have managed to make friends and lasting relationships, and next year they will become sophomores! Keep at it freshmen. Do not give up or stress out too much! Only three more years to go!