Book Review – My Mechanical Romance

Book Review - My Mechanical Romance

Hailey Quinn

 My Mechanical Romance by Alexene Farol Follmuth is a charming romance book that focuses around Bel, who has to start her senior year at a new school. When she accidentally gets herself roped into joining robotics club, she struggles to find someone that can relate with her. The team is made up of boys who have known each other for years and one other girl, who seems to harbor bad feelings about Bel. 

     Mateo Luna, captain of the robotics club, sees potential in Bel to be an asset to the team, that is until they start to butt heads. However, as they are forced to work together on after-school work, they begin to form a bond that is more than just about robotics.

     Overall, My Mechanical Romance is a wonderful novel about the trials of first love, but it also touches on topics such as the struggles of women in STEM fields, and the pressures that many young people face of having to live up to impossibly high expectations set by their parents and themselves. Readers who enjoy a slow-burn or enemies to lovers romance novels will enjoy My Mechanical Romance.