Freshmen preparing for Keystones

Paige Cassler

Starting this year most freshmen besides the two advanced classes from eighth grade are taking their first Keystones this year which are Algebra one. For the two advanced classes this would be their second year taking Keystones starting when they took them in 8th grade. The freshmen taking their first Keystones this year will be taking the algebra 1 Keystones and the advanced students will be taking the biology Keystones. If the freshmen are not going to BCTC next year then they need to pass their Keystones in order to graduate. While going to BCTC does not mean Keystones are not important because BCTC students still need to take them and pass them.

     Abby Wahl, freshmen, is in the advanced class and this will be her second year taking the keystone tests. She is not nervous about biology Keystones because “Mrs. Bucheit is a good teacher.” She thought the algebra 1 Keystones last year were hard. Abby’s overall opinion of the Keystones is, “I see the point in taking them but I do not like it.” 

     This is my first year taking Keystones and I am a little nervous about it. I have talked to people about taking the Keystones and they say they are easy. I know that students have three chances to take keystone tests if they fail. I also know that if students fail their spring Keystones that they then have to retake them in the fall of the next school year. Overall there is a lot to know about the Keystones and they affect a lot.