HAHS seniors prepare for college


Amelia Gassert

The HAHS class of 2023 seniors graduate on Friday, June. By spring, many seniors have picked what college they are going to in the fall of 2023. Deciding what one’s plan is after college is an extremely stressful and important decision to make.

     HAHS senior, Katie Behler is attending the Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences for nursing and then continuing her education at Alvernia University for her Bachelor’s degree of Science in nursing. She has all summer to prepare for school, where she has to complete all post-acceptance requirements and financial aid, while ordering materials for class. She says, “I am excited because I am starting a new journey in my life with something I love, which is nursing,” showing that although it can be scary, there are still benefits. 

     Some people will have one or multiple roommates in college, or decide to commute to school. Having a roommate is an automatic friend to a brand new school, which can be very helpful. Being able to communicate and organize supplies with someone several months in advance allows for having a strong foundation to a new school. 

     HAHS senior Anabel Kennedy, is attending Thomas Jefferson University to study medical imaging. She will also have a roommate come fall and needs to buy supplies for the upcoming year. Anabel has to get necessary supplies for her dorm room along with being prepared for the beginning classes and understanding her major. She says, “I am excited, but nervous because I am far away on my own for the first time in my life,” showing there are positives and negatives to going to college. 

     Overall, students have a lot of work and preparation needed before going off to college. Good luck to all the seniors at the next chapter in life!