Shay experiences her first week of HAHS


Erica Gerner

 A new student in the HAHS is experiencing her first few weeks at the high school. Shay McCarty is a tenth grader who transferred from Antietam. Shay described her first day as, “Hopeful, welcoming, and confusing.” Shay said, “I was hopeful because in my first few periods I met some really nice people and had a good impression on the class and teacher. Then I was a little confused, because the schedule was completely different and the school is double the size of Antietam. Finally it was welcoming because I had a lot of people welcoming me with open arms and smiles. I was glad people were so welcoming so it made the transition a lot easier.” Shay seemed to have a good transition from Antietam to Hamburg, with a great staff and students. 

     Next Shay stated there are a few things that she enjoys more about Hamburg than Antietam. Shay expresses, “Coming from Anietam, a very small school that is half of Hamburg. There were grades 7-12 and they were very immature. So I am glad to be going to a school with all high school students that are mature.” Although there are some things that she enjoys at Hamburg more than Antietam, there are some things that she misses. Shay stated, “I really miss my friends. I knew almost everyone and talked to them. I still stay in touch with them, but it is not the same as seeing them everyday.” She was also involved in activities at Antietam, so Shay states, “I miss my bowling and tennis coaches. Because I really formed a special bond with them this year, that I won’t have next year.” 

     It has been a few weeks since Shay has transfered and she expressed, “My two weeks have been great, I enjoy the sense of humor a lot of my classmates have!” This is something that is so exciting to hear since it can be so nerve racking to join a new school. Along with having a great few weeks, Shay voices, “I have met some great people, like Amelia Gassert, Hailey Quinn, Erica Gerner, and Gavin Dougherty.” Meeting new people that can be helpful is a great idea. No matter what, there will always be hard times through these types of circumstances, and it is so good to have someone helping in these times.