Student Spotlight- Kaanja Martz


Alicia Gilbert

 Kaaja Martz is a sophomore at Hamburg and enjoys what BCTC offers her. Kaaja goes to BCTC for cosmetology to see if she wants to do that as a career. She is still not 100% sure what she wants to do in the future and is not planning on going to college. Kaanja states, “I truly do not know about my future yet because I am still young and my future plans could always change.” 

     In school Kaanja looks forward to World Cultures with Mr. Buggy. She enjoys this class because she does not necessarily have an interest in history, but Mr. Buggy makes it fun for her and always gives her the respect she deserves. 

     She is also in the school choir and loves to express herself through music and singing. She has loved music since she was little and finds singing relaxing. When she is not singing herself she will listen to all different types of music from The show goes on- Lupe Fiasco to Supernova- Ansel Elgort. Kaanja’s friends would describe her as a great friend because she is easy to talk to and will always try and help in any way she can.