Tilden Elementary Celebrates Ag week


Carlee Stitzel, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

 Tilden Elementary celebrated Ag week throughout March 27-31. On Monday March 27, the teachers explained to the students how agriculture is important and how it affects our community. On Tuesday March 28, teachers invited local farmers. They did a bunch of other events throughout the rest of the week. 

     I helped on Tuesday March 28, with a local farm, ACEC Farm & Market owned by Alice and Chad Kamp. We took two pigs to Tilden and we talked about how we raise the pigs until they go for the show, they are feeders, or they get kept to be moms. 

     LaFaver Family Farm brought two little pony’s over at Tilden, The Hix family had two calves, and there was a family with two sheep, and a family with five bunnies and two ducks. Sherry Fuhrmann also had some people bring their tractors over. 

     This Ag week helped the kids learn more about agriculture. The kids learned about how agriculture is involved in our everyday lives and that it is not just a hobby for some people. On Monday they learned about 4H, and they rode the smoothie bike. The smoothie bike is an actual bike with a blender on the front. When it gets pedaled it makes the blender go. Throughout the rest of the week, they learned about agriculture. Agriculture week is celebrated worldwide and schools out in the midwestern area do a lot more with their schools and students.