Students express favorite classes


Erica Gerner


     A few freshmen are almost all the way through their first year of high school. Freshman Paige Cassler stated, “My favorite class this year is English because Mrs. Trubilla treats us like we are not just students, but the way that she would like to be treated.” Another freshman Abby Wahl stated, “My favorite class is English because my favorite thing to do is write, and Mrs. Trubilla is my favorite teacher.” These classes are determined by their hobbies, which students’ classes would be chosen by.  

     These girls answer these questions by how they believe these classes or teachers impact them the most. High school students get the chance to choose a few of their classes in the school year, but the other five classes are not picked by them. The students having the chance to choose their classes allows them to pick something that they would enjoy or like to learn. Unlike college students, once they make their way through high school, students can pick their preferred class, by their major or minor. Paige Cassler stated, “My favorite elective class is Publications because it is like a second English class and I enjoy writing.” Followed by Abby Wahl stating, “My favorite elective class is Publications, because I enjoy writing.” It is nice that high schools allow students to pick electives that are laid back versions of their core classes, like Publications and English. 

     Going into sophomore year Paige and Abby are excited for their classes next year. Paige stated, “Next year I am going to BCTC for Health Occupations, and I am so excited to learn about different things, other than the standard core classes at Hamburg.” That is the best part about having the chance to learn somewhere else, along with the career path you would like to do. Abby stated, “I am most excited for Honors World Cultures next year, because I hear Mr. Buggy is a really cool and good teacher.” It is always nice when teachers get good reputations throughout the years, to encourage underclassmen to take a certain class. 

     Overall it sounds like Abby and Paige have had a good Freshman year, and are ready to go into Sophomore year with motivation and excitement for their classes.