Students tell their favorite Easter traditions


Tia Adam


     Many people with their families have traditions for at least a couple of holidays if not all, but specifically, the following traditions focus specifically on Easter. 

     Freshman Maddie Handwerk most notably enjoys an Easter tradition of hers that includes hiding plastic eggs for her baby cousins. She enjoys this tradition because it gives her a chance to spend time with her family, but also because her baby cousins enjoy it a lot. 

     Another freshman Morgan Riegel enjoys her family’s tradition of going to Zion’s church on Easter Sunday. Morgan enjoys this tradition specifically because it gives her a chance to see most of her extended family all in one place. 

     One other freshman Jaden Ryan enjoys his family’s Easter tradition of dying Easter eggs. More specifically he and his family buy paint and paint designs on the eggs. He enjoys this Easter tradition the most because it gives him a good chance to work together and hang out with his family. 

     The idea of Easter traditions differs in every household and the traditions above were some examples of that difference, but all of the traditions had the idea of family as the center component.