John Sharp gets ready for his 10th year of football

Paige Cassler


     John Sharp, freshman, prepares for his tenth year of football. John started football at the start of first grade in 2014. John plays left tackle and nose guard on junior varsity and varsity. Left tackle is a position on the offensive line and nose guard is a defensive lineman who lines up in the middle of the field to protect against the run and pass.John’s favorite year to play football was this year because of the “overall energy.” 

     When John is talking about the energy he is referring to all the adrenaline and excitement from play and everyone cheering in the stands. John is excited and preparing for his next football season in the fall by working out in the weight room when he can. John is very athletic and passionate about football. He likes to joke around a lot, but when it comes to football, he is always serious about it because football is important to him and he takes it very seriously. John plans on continuing football when he gets into college. 

     This year he is hoping to get a chance to see Kutztown on the college trip so he can look at the football program. As of now John does not really know what he wants to study at college but what he does know is he for sure wants to continue football. Overall John is very good at football and loves playing it.