Cheer season comes to an end


Deja Wagner-Wakefield, Pinnacle Sports Editor

The 2022-23 cheer season has officially come to an end with a first place win at the last competition of the season on March 18. The cheer team cheered on the school’s fall teams, including the football team all the way to semifinals, along with boy and girls soccer in the fall. In the winter the team cheered for boys and girls basketball. 

     While cheering for games, the team also prepared for competition and competed at their first competition on February 4 at Schuylkill Valley High School, placing fifth. The second competition was on February 25 at State College High School, where the team had also placed fifth. The team then made a trip around the Penn State campus and got pictures at the stadium and at the lion statue. The final competition was Thriller on the Miller at Spooky Nook sports on March 18 with a place first in the division. 

     The team worked really hard all year and have made many improvements, the team says goodbye to two very amazing seniors: Arianna Barata and Amanda Smith. Who have made a great impact in the team and will be missed very much. This year the team had come exceptionally close and have created many great memories together. Peyton Snyder, a sophomore, who is on the cheer team says, “I’m a little out of sorts that the seniors are leaving, because they have been great mentors and I love them all.”

     While two phenomenal seniors may be leaving, the team many memories were made. Peyton’s favorite memories from this year were “Honoring first responders at a football game, all the funny moments we had while learning a new cheer, dance, or stunt, and cheering the football team to semi-finals.” Belle Byers’s favorite memories from the season were “flying for the first time and going to competitions.” Another memorable moment was during the summer the team went to a stunt camp and then stopped at McDonalds on the way home. An employee was cleaning tables and while doing that the team was about to sit down and he said “clean tables for hot girls.” 

     “I definitely think this year could have gone better competition wise,” said Peyton. “I feel that we could have done better in some areas, but I know we will fix them next year,” Bella added. This year the team had done exceptionally well, but there were a few downfalls, struggling with stunts and bringing personal problems to practice. “This year had ups and downs, but next year we will get incoming freshmen and we can work with them to develop skills and hopefully have an even better year. Also I can’t wait to see what the coach puts together for us.” 

     Although next season does not start again until August, Bella is hesitant to be a junior and is nervous for what is to come. Although nervous, she is excited to start again but “the year just goes too fast.” Peyton has other thoughts about next year. She on the other hand is very excited and she just hopes to do better at competition.