Students on the hunt for summer jobs


Bethany Stufflet, Hawk Happenings Assistant Editor

As spring begins, students are starting to think about ways to make money over the summer. Tia Adam, a freshman at Hamburg Area High School, is one of those students thinking about summer jobs. After getting her work permit approved, she went to the local ice cream parlor, Sweet Treats, and asked for an application. Not only did Tia Adam get an application from Sweet Treats, but so did Allie Houck, another freshman at HAHS. They both can not wait for summer, and they believe having a summer job could be fun.

     Another possible job opportunity is the local Rita’s. Many students at HAHS already work at Rita’s after school, but because many people already work there, Rita’s may not be hiring. 

     However, there are still many local job opportunities. Many job ideas and opportunities can be found on the bulletin board outside of the high school office. Some of the jobs are babysitting, lifeguard, and lawn care. If anyone is interested in a summer job, it is a good idea to start applying for jobs now.