Students participate in clubs


Erica Gerner, Business Manager

On Thursday’s, the high school offers students clubs to join. Some students choose to do things they already are interested in, some do new activities, and some students choose to do nothing and treat it like a study hall. Some of the clubs are on different days like days A or B. 

     Amelia Gassert, a sophomore, participates in the pickleball club. Gassert states, “I chose to join the pickleball club, because it keeps me active, and I am familiar with the sport pickleball because my family used to play it.” Another sophomore, Hailey Quinn expressed, “I mostly enjoy spending my club period like a study hall because it also allows me to finish homework in the morning.” 

     There are all sorts of clubs to participate in like art, anime, sports, and military. It would be good for all students to join a club, to meet new people or try new things. The clubs are a good place to get to meet new people and find new hobbies. Gassert stated, “I would be in the yard games, because I like to do the more athletic activities.” And Quinn stated, “If I would be in a club, I would join the jewelry club, because I like to be more creative and make things.” This goes to show that there are so many different types of clubs you could be in or interested in. 

    Gassert expressed, “In pickleball club we learn the fundamentals and try to compete with each other to get better at the game.” Although some people might be in the club to just be in the club with their friends. Quinn stated, “My friends are mostly in clubs that I am not very interested in, so I feel it is better for myself to stay in the homeroom and work on my homework instead.” 

     Clearly there are many different types of clubs that the school has to offer for students to experience new activities. So it is crucial for students to check out all the opportunities they have.