Different learning styles in HAHS


Chloee Stitzel, Pinnacle Club Editor

These days, there are many different learning styles that students can learn the best from. Some students have special methods to learn and some can just focus and learn it right away. 

     According to gcu.edu, there are four different learning styles: visual learning, auditory learning, reading/writing learning, and kinesthetic learning. 

     Visual Learning is where students like to see and observe the things that they are learning about. Auditory Learning students learn best by listening and relating information to sound. Reading/Writing Learning students can be discerned as those who express themselves through writing. They also enjoy reading articles and writing in diaries or journals. Kinesthetic Learning students learn by experiencing and doing. 

     Mrs. Herman, teacher at HAHS, states, “I have used several ways to accommodate different learning styles in my classroom.” Mrs. Herman has been “flipping” her classroom which has allowed students to watch a video lesson at their own pace. This method also allows auditory learners to replay any part of the lesson multiple times until they feel that they understand the material. She distributes colored pencils for some lessons to help students to tap into their visual gifts. Some students need more one-on-one attention, so she tries to get to their desk more often during a class period. “When we cover word problems, those learners who are geared toward reading and writing get the chance to showcase their skills when they help to dissect the problems for others. Kinesthetic learners benefit from written and online models that allow them to “feel” the abstract nature of algebraic concepts.”

     Kadyn Ellis, freshman at HAHS, states, “HAHS has other classrooms for the kids that don’t understand things or that are in lower learning classes. HAHS classrooms also have other teachers in the classroom so students can get help nearly immediately in case one teacher is busy.”