Student Spotlight: Kindra Roesch


Isabella Forte, Hawk Happenings Assistant

     Kindra is a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School who is very good with surrounding themself in great friendships. Although Kindra is their legal name, they preferably go by Kai and the majority of Kindra’s peers also know them as Kai. 

      Kai currently works at The Westy and dances at Culture Shock in town. They take hip hop class and they are passionate about what they do and they love to challenge themself to be better. Some challenges of being a dancer in Kai’s opinion starts with mental health. Dancers constantly have to stare at themself in a mirror while practicing. This has led to dancers noticing such small changes in themselves leading them to become self conscious. In Kai’s freetime, they work towards painting and fixing up their car. Kai says, “My car had some issues with the paint, and whoever had it before accidentally used the wrong parts to fix up the car.” Kai is almost nearing their time to drive and also mentions that her dream car is the Mazda Miata or newer models of Mustang. Kai states, “I personally think that Miata’s are a cute car. They seem to have their own little personality.” Kai is also preparing to take a test in order to get their permit. They use the online testing app to prepare themself for the test. Kai Roesch says, “I still have a week or two to prepare so I’m not super worried about it. It’s all pretty self explanatory.”

   When Kai gets older and finishes their high school career, they plan to go straight into their preferred field of work or to succeed in an apprenticeship. Kai is also possibly looking for a career in the field of electrical engineering. They find electricity to be something very interesting. They are interested in how everything that connects the world is powered through electricity. Although Kai hasn’t fully decided on what they want their career to be, they keep their grades up and work hard to make all possible pathways available to them. Kai’s current goal is to finish out all of their classes with A’s and to always aim as high as they can.