Breanna Lillington balances school and sports


Kaeli Cox, Pinnacle Student Life Editor

    Managing academic and athletic activities is challenging enough, and being good at both is even harder. Where some see impossibility, others see temporary obstacles. Breanna Lillington is a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School, who balances her classes with being a tri-sport athlete. She took honors English her freshman and sophomore years and is taking AP English Language and Composition her junior year. On top of that she plays field hockey, winter track, and spring track. Lettering in track and field is a proud accomplishment for Breanna, after she lettered as a freshman. To hopefully motivate others to push their limits, Breanna shared some advice. 

     “Just up with your work and take all the help you can get,” Breanna shared. Asking teachers and classmates for help on topics that might be a struggle is an option for benefiting grades. Using this advice, Breanna has plans of college in the future and a successful career. Breanna shared, “I plan to attend a university to study child psychology and further become a pediatric behavioral therapist.” She also plans on taking psychology her junior year to prepare herself for college courses. 

     On the subject of her extracurriculars, Breanna said, “Being a three sport athlete is important to me because I enjoy being active and staying busy.” It shows in her play too, Breanna plays defense in field hockey and long and triple jumps in track and field. She received recognition for her skill in both, being awarded a varsity letter and track and most improved award in field hockey. Breanna’s achievements can be seen as motivation and results of hard work and dedication.