Most popular electives next year at HAHS


Sadie Haines, Business Manager

 Hamburg Area High School has a wide range of electives for students to choose in every department: science, social studies, language arts, math, and fine arts. There is really something for everyone. Some examples of electives at HAHS are: Anatomy, Forensic Science, Drawing, Painting and many more. 

    The most popular elective selections among students for the next school year are, anatomy, Holocaust, and forensic science. Students Kamryn Witman, Maile Bentz, Mackenzie Hoover, and Morgan Lutz all are interested in participating in all of these courses. It will be hard for them to make the decision of which one to choose, as they are all interesting courses. A factor that might affect that decision is the sheer popularity of these classes. There probably will not be enough spaces for all of the people who are interested in the class to participate. Another factor that would affect this decision is timing. If a class does not fit in their schedule, a person cannot take it. Everyone has different interests at Hamburg Area High School and it is good that there are enough classes to fit every person’s specific interests.