LEO Club fills Easter eggs for elementary schools


Tia Adam, Pinnacle Club Editor

 As the Easter season slowly arrives, Hamburg’s very own LEO club is already filling eggs for the elementary school’s yearly egg hunts. Between Tilden and Perry elementary school, there needed to be around 3,200 eggs filled for a total of ten eggs per kid, but it ended up being around 2,300-ish eggs with seven eggs per kid. 

     Bethany Stufflet, a member of LEO club, had a main part in helping with the Easter eggs this season by counting the eggs, which she also found to be one of the biggest struggles as she had to recount them time after time. Besides helping count the eggs, she was also part of filling some of the eggs, which she estimates to be 100 during a club morning. With her overall experience of counting and filling these Easter eggs, she hopes to be able to do the same thing next year as she had a good experience this year.

     John Sharp another fellow member of LEO club also took part in filling eggs for the elementary schools this season. He enjoyed being able to help LEO club fill easter eggs to bring joy to young students in grades K-1. Filling the easter eggs brought back his memories of when he would do egg hunts in elementary school too. Overall his estimated guess of how many eggs he filled was 150.