HAHS spring sports potentially going after school is over


Amelia Gassert, Pinnacle Sports Editor

  HAHS spring sports started on Monday, March 6. Softball, baseball, and track and field are the three teams that play during the spring season. Many regular in-season games and meets will end before the last day of school, June 3, but the postseason makes the season last longer. In softball and baseball, each team will go through counties, districts, and then finally states if the team makes it that far, therefore showing how many tournaments the teams could go through after the regular season is over. Some people enjoy the sport, where playing for an extra amount of time is something one loves, whereas others would rather enjoy the last weeks of school by not having anything. 

     Erica Gerner, HAHS sophomore, plays softball for the high school team and believes that being able to make it into states is such a huge accomplishment. “I think it is really cool to be able to experience these types of scenarios with pressure,” showing how it is worth going to the end of the school year. 

     Katie Behler, HAHS senior plays softball, says “I love playing softball, so being able to enjoy and play with my teammates after the school year is worth the wait,” highlighting that most players who love the sport, tend to enjoy going after the school year. 

     Overall, although some teams will not play through the end of the school year, students who enjoy their sport, makes playing for an extended period of time not feel like a burden, whereas it feels like something to be grateful for.