Ian Fink goes to PMEA Region V


Sara Fitzgerald, Senior Memory Pages

  PMEA stands for Pennsylvania Music Educators Association, Ian Fink will attend PMEA Region V Band hosted by Hemphfield High School from March 23-25. Every state has its own music educators association and holds similar festivals. Every festival is auditioned for and the students must learn a solo, a list of scales, and sight-read a piece of music in front of a panel of judges. Once the student auditions for the district band, they can move on to audition for the regional band, then for states, and then nationals. 

     The first day and second day will be rehearsal. The last day will include rehearsal, the concert, seeing the all-state positions, and then will come home. Ian is extremely excited and has been striving to reach regionals since 8th grade. He comments that “ I’ve finally made it. It makes me so incredibly happy and proud”. Ian’s favorite part has been playing all the difficult and amazing music. He loves being with people who are as passionate about music as he is. To Ian, the people who helped him the most would be his private teacher, Mr. Kemmerer, and Mrs. Kline for helping him prepare for the auditions and for cheering him on. He is thankful to his family for listening to him practice the same piece for hours. But most importantly Ian is thankful for these experiences. Ian is unsure of his future music plans but plans on playing locally and possibly getting a music major in college.