Eighth graders visit HAHS for electives

Hannah Kristiniak

On February 23 and February 27, eighth graders from Hamburg Area Middle School visited HAHS to learn about the various electives offered in high school. The students were separated into eight groups, depending on their homeroom teacher, and on each day, four groups visited.

     During seventh period and flex, the electives were presented in four different classrooms. The electives that the eighth graders got to learn about were Arts and Humanities, Business Technology, Engineering and Industrial, and finally Human Health and Social Sciences. The teachers that have these classes represented them and helped explain what the class is about, but the really cool part is some students who have taken these classes also got to explain them, which gives the eighth graders a personal student perspective. 

     Along with their homeroom teachers, National Honor Society students helped tour the eighth graders around the four classrooms they got to visit. Around 15-20 minutes is the time the students spend in each classroom learning about electives. They also received a paper that listed every elective available to them, so they could mark the ones that peaked their interest.