Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Keck

Danelle Wollyung, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

Mrs. Megan Keck is a dedicated building substitute teacher at HAHS, former building substitute at Fleetwood area high school, head cashier and receiving and delivery at Lowe’s, and a tour guide at multiple historic sites such as Daniel Boone Homestead and Historic sugartown. She was at Fleetwood Area High School in Spring of 2022.

     Schooling she took to become a dedicated building substitute teacher was earning a bachelor’s in history, masters in history with Holocaust and Genocide studies certification, and masters education in social studies 7-12. She decided to get her bachelors in history because her previous professors and teacher influenced her to pursue history.  

    Mrs. Keck enjoys teaching at HAHS because she likes helping students and seeing them finally understand the concepts being taught. She also does feel a connection with some of her students. It was difficult for her to adjust because every school has its own expectations and rules. 

     Before she moved to Hamburg, she lived in Fleetwood where they have rules different from the one we have at Hamburg. She originally moved away for school, but came back to the area after her degree program was over. She wanted to move to Hamburg also because her husband lived here, and she had family who had lived here for a long time. 

     Fun facts about Mrs. Keck are her middle name is a state, she has five tattoos (one related to a Disney movie, and she has the same last name as one teacher and the same first name as another. 

     Her future plan is to become a full time teacher and have her very own classroom instead of switching classrooms while being a substitute teacher. 

     She enjoys teaching because she can get the opportunity to help students learn and be successful not only in school but throughout the rest of their lives. Also she enjoys teaching kids why social studies is the best. She always found history interesting and enjoys teaching it in a way that tells a story instead of just teaching fast.