STUCO hosts volleyball tournament


Bethany Stufflet

On February 17, Stephany Perez and Alexa Burkey hosted a volleyball tournament,  for those who chose to participate, as the Hamburg Area High School student council. Each person would pay $3 to be a team member. This would allow the school to make money for spirit shirts for everyone. The teams would compete against each other as well as teams consisting of teachers. The teachers were Mr. Gaul, Mr. Kline, Mr. Reinhart, Mrs. Geske, Mr. McBreen, Mrs. Stauffer, Mr. Buggy, and Mr. Lowe. The tournament took place in the high school gym at 3 pm after school and 6 teams participated.

     Alondra Perez, a freshman at HAHS, participated in the tournament. She said, “It was fun, and I think they should do it again next year.” Although Alondra’s team did not win, she still enjoyed it. The winners of the tournament, however, were not the teachers. The teachers got second place, while the Construction Gurus won. Congratulations to Connor Long, Josh Christ, Konner Oaks, Trey Wessner, and Nick Brown.

      As a spectator of the tournament, I can say that it was very entertaining and fun to watch. I enjoyed talking to some of the players and supporting the teams.