HAHS students wear a variety of jewelry


Riley Mohn

Jewelry is worn by numerous students at Hamburg Area School District, such as bracelets, rings, peircings, and necklaces, while others barely wear jewelry at all. 

     I wear at least three necklaces everyday, a pair of earrings, as well as the occasional bracelets and rings. I wear the necklaces because my friends bought them specifically for me, and they also are a staple piece to my outfit. Plus, necklaces are not distracting to others or to me since they are not in the line of vision of others in most of the outfits I wear. 

     Some students, like Bethany Stufflet, wear jewelry that they bought because it was in a set. Bethany wears a set of necklaces nearly everyday, as well as some earrings so her piercing holes do not close. Other students, like Mia Goetz, do not wear jewelry to school. Most times, she does not think about it in the morning or she feels like she does not need it. LeeAnn Mills and I frequently play with our necklaces and jewelry while we read or write because it gives us something to mindlessly fidget with while we are focused on something else. 

     Some students match their jewelry to their outfits, whether it be the metal of the jewelry or whatever is on the jewelry, like a stone or charm. Other students wear the same pieces everyday, no matter what is worn with it. Also, some of the jewelry students wear can be handmade or bought, and they can also be from friends, family, or someone else.