HAHS students go to school on Presidents Day


Amelia Gassert

 On February 23, HAHS students had to go to school when there was not supposed to be any school. This day served as a makeup day from having a snow day on December 23, right before the students had Christmas break. Many students were happy having a snow day but did not think about when the snow day was going to be made up, which made a lot of people upset about going to school on Monday. Since coming back from Christmas break there is almost no break until the end of March many students feel that having Presidents Day off was needed to give both the students and teachers a break from school. Hailie Edwards, HAHS junior, says, “I think as students and as teachers we need a day off,” showing how just even one day could have helped many of the students and teachers. 

     Hailey Quinn, HAHS sophomore, says, “There is a very long period of time between Christmas break and Spring break, and having a few days off in between would be beneficial,” highlighting how it would help everyone keep one’s morale up and want to learn at school. This shows that the news of having school on Presidents Day was a let down and upsetting for many of the HAHS students. 

     Although the day had to have been made up on Presidents Day, many students feel that the snow day on December 23, should not have been a snow day and there should have been school. Hailey Quinn says, “With the ability to have virtual days, I do not think that a traditional snow day is worth it,” emphasizing that students would rather have a virtual day over a snow day. 

     Overall, many of the HAHS students would have rather gone to school instead of having a snow day, which would have let the students and teachers have off from school on Presidents Day.