What students remember about Read Across America Week


Tia Adam

During the first week in March, many elementary schools celebrate the week of Dr. Suess’s birthday, which is March 2. His birthday week is formally celebrated as Read Across America Week. During that week, many schools have a variety of five days of funky and silly dress-up days like dress as a favorite Dr. Suess character, wacky Wednesday, and Cat in the Hat day.

     For high school student Bethany Stufflet, she did not quite remember Read Across America Week at first, until I gave her a small run down of it for a quick reminder. After the quick reminder, she quickly got her memories of that Week back. Her favorite memory of the Week was when her fifth-grade teacher Mrs. Dimera would read Dr. Suess books to her class. 

     Another high school student Connor Rex also did not quite remember Read Across America Week at first, until I gave him a quick rundown of it too. His favorite memory of the spirit Week in elementary school was when his elementary school would have green eggs and ham for lunch one day during that same week. 

     When I heard of Read Across America Week, it took me a bit but I remembered what it was fairly quickly. I would always love having high school students come down during a day in the week to read Dr. Suess books to the younger classes. The spirit days were also fun when my best friend and I would wear makeup to look like a cat for the Cat in the Hat day. Although those were some of my memories from Read Across America Week, they were not my favorite memories. My favorite memories came from wacky Wednesdays. Anytime it was a wacky Wednesday I would go full out with every mismatched piece of clothing ever. One year I had four different layers of pants and three different layers of shirts. Read Across America Week was definitely a key memory in my childhood, and I am sure it was for many other students too, who still remember it.