Elective Spotlight – Publications


Paige Cassler

     Publications is a one credit elective course at HAHS that is everyday and can be taken all four years of high school. Publications is a class taught by Mrs. McCarthy-Wright, and she has 26 students. This year Publications has been an elective for about 27 years. This class is weighted one credit towards the total credits a student needs to graduate. Publications is a writing class. In this class students get to write for the school newspaper and do the yearbook. Throughout the year there are other assignments to do besides the newspaper.

   Erica Gerner, sophomore, says Publications is her third favorite class she takes. Erica says that she is definitely taking Publications again her junior year. Her favorite part about Publications is how relaxing the class is. Erica says she likes the period she has Publications because the class is a nice relaxing split between her not so relaxing classes. She also likes how easy the workload is because in Publications most weeks only one thing is due to hand in. Erica likes Publications because “it is relaxing.”

    Some history about Publications is that it started as an after school club for yearbook. Then after that it was the yearbook and the district newsletter. Then after it became a class the Publications class decided to do the school newspaper again. Now in today’s class Publications is only the school newspaper and the yearbook. But it is still interesting to look at where it started compared to where it is now.