Artwork enhances HAHS


LeeAnn Mills

     In the halls of the HAHS school, there are countless paintings, graphite drawings, color drawings, digital artworks, and pottery pieces, all comprised of students’ handiwork from the art classes at Hamburg. These prints are displayed in various ways, according to Mrs. Dommel, the HAHS art teacher. The lounge corner in the Library next to Mrs. Delconte’s office displays artworks that have won awards at art shows and some other random work to fill the space. On the right wall, all the way in the top far corner is a 1st place mixed-media photo of an art piece by Desirae Vanbuskirk. 

     Riley Mohn, a freshman, loves the array of prints displayed in the library. From where she sits every day in publications, some of the drawings and paintings look real. Two, in particular, are the strawberry color pencil drawing by Riley Adam, in the lounge corner, and the digital art elf by Ali Reed, above the nonfiction bookshelves. 

     The art in the hallway is more current, but Mrs. Dommel still has work from past students as well. The displays do not have a shifting schedule, but newer artworks go up from time to time.