Teacher spotlight: Mrs. Guardiola

Danelle Wollyung

 Mrs. Guardiola is an aide and special education teacher at HAHS and works at Per Diem at Leibensperger Funeral home. She has an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Mortuary Science. She Wanted to study that because when she had her son she went to a college fair and the professor made the course seem fun. She also went to DeSales University for Forensic Psychology and plans on finishing her bachelor’s hopefully by the end of the year. She enjoys crimes and wanted to take Forensic Psychology because she wanted to learn more about murders and things related to that.  

     Mrs. Guardiola moved to Hamburg about six years ago from the Lehigh Valley. The reason she moved away from Lehigh Valley was to follow her heart. Her favorite part about working at the school is the connection with her kids and the ability to help them succeed and grow. Her least part is when they have the resources and do not utilize them to help them succeed. She really enjoys the teaching at HAHS and the students make it worth it. 

     When Mrs. Guardiola started teaching at HAHS, it was extremely hard adjusting to it, and at times it still is because being away from her family with a small child is challenging at times for her. 

     Being a single parent like her is rare for her to have any free time to do anything other than her two jobs and being a single mom. She is very competitive; she has no filter and it can be very comical at times, and she loves everything to do with the beach.  

     A goal she would like to achieve is to retire at a warm tropical location and become a beach bum. 


To learn more about Mrs. Guardiola you can reach her by email.