Student Spotlight – Kaylee Fornwalt


Chloee Stitzel

Kaylee Fornwalt is a freshman at HAHS. She likes the atmosphere of HAHS and all of the school’s classes. Kaylee’s favorite subject is science. She is in Integrated Science this year and is going to Honors Biology next year. She really enjoys science because she wants to go into the science field. Fornwalts least favorite is civics. History is not that fun to her.

     Her goal is to complete college in Dartmouth College and get a great job being a doctor. Kaylee wants to be a doctor in the USA, in a big hospital that specializes in the ICU of the intensive care unit. Kaylee’s mom is a certified nurse practitioner and Kaylee wants to be in the medical field just like her mom. 

     Fornwalt’s favorite sports are wrestling and soccer. They are enjoyable sports for her.. “I have been wrestling for one year and started with my best friend. I have been playing soccer since kindergarten. There is not really anything to dislike about these sports.”

     During her freetime, she likes to draw with mechanical pencils. Kaylee’s favorite hobbies are fishing and skiing. She likes to go running with her dog on the weekends. Fornwalt listens to country, pop and some rap music. Her favorite artist is Aerosmith.

     Kaylee is learning Spanish here in high school and she is looking to continue learning the language. She is a very good student and works very hard for all she has earned. 

     Kaylee is a very busy person but yet still has time to study and do her work on time. “I study at my desk and lay out what I have to accomplish and then I take what is most important first then go from there.”