Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Hetrich

Riley Mohn

Mr. Hetrich is a teacher for several classes. Business Fundamentals, Personal Finance, and Computer Career Awareness. This is year 16 of Mr. Hetrich teaching, and he has not only taught at Hamburg Area High School, but also at Reading High School and Conrad Weiser High School. Mr. Hetrich enjoys teaching Personal Finance because students will need the skills learned the rest of their life. He has a BS (Bachelor of Science) Dual degree in Management and Accounting from Alvernia University, as well as a Masters in Education from Alvernia. 

     Throughout his life, he has had numerous jobs ranging from making funnel cake batter at Renninger’s Antique and Farmer’s Market to being an elected auditor of Jefferson Township. He worked in Remax for one year during college as someone who took photos of the houses and put up signs. He was on the Pennsylvania Board of Directors for the National Association of Tax Professionals. Throughout high school and college, he trained with the majority of the sports teams just to work out, as well as coaching for baseball, football, and cross country in Reading and Conrad Weiser, and running the wilderness club here at Hamburg Area High School. 

     Currently, he sells firewood, makes fishing lures, in addition to teaching. His dog, Soturi is a female Karelian bear dog, the national dog of Finland, that Mr. Hetrich takes hikes with.  He loves doing anything outdoorsy, as well as spending his favorite holiday, July 4, at his cabin. He states that if he could have one food for the rest of his life, it would be pizza because there are several toppings that are able to go onto it. He also enjoys eating fruit.  

     An excerpt of advice from Mr. Hetrich is, “People that mind don’t matter, and people that matter don’t mind,” which means people that care about you will not mind if you change.