Braelyn talks about her time in Hamburg


Alicia Gilbert

    As a sophomore at Hamburg Area High School, Braelyn Rubright has a lot on her plate in school and out of school. She is a part of the social studies club, choir and musicals. She has been in choir since her freshman year, and her favorite part is the teacher Mrs. Jackson because she is so down to earth and Braelyn can go to her and talk to her about anything. Music has always been an important part of Braelyn’s life and she can always catch herself singing. Her biggest inspiration in music is Machine Gun Kelly. She has been listening to him ever since she was little and she considers him her biggest inspiration. When she was in choir, she learned about the musicals the high school does. Her first musical was last year’s Elf. She was a part of the ensemble.  She enjoyed it so much she decided to participate in this year’s musical. She enjoys doing musicals because she can transform into characters she could never think of being. 

     This is her first year in the social studies club. She decided to join because she likes to debate and see the views of other people. Braelyn said, “Even though I have only been to one meeting, I really like the social studies club because it exposes me to new topics and what people think of the topics.” Braelyn likes coming to school to see her friends but her favorite class to go to is world cultures. Her favorite subject has always been history and this year is no exception. 

     Outside of school Braelyn likes to live a laid back life. When she is not at home spending time with family, she is with friends. Her favorite thing to do with her friends is go to sports games, specifically hockey games. She also likes to go crystal shopping. Recently she has been learning about crystals and everything they can do. She fell in love with them so whenever she can, she tries to go crystal shopping. Other than that everything she does is spontaneous.