HAHS Boys Basketball wins tip-off tournament


Amelia Gassert

The HAHS boys basketball team won the Tip-Off tournament, December 2-3.This was the first time winning the tournament since 2008. In the semi-final round, the boys team had beaten Northern Lehigh to get to the championship game against the Brandywine. The championship was a close game all the way until the fourth quarter where the Hawks got into a big lead to finish off the game with a final score of 62-44.

     HAHS junior basketball player, Joe Martin, said, “It was pretty cool. It was the first time we have won it in a while, so it was great to be a part of that,” showing how important it was that the team won the tournament.

     HAHS sophomore basketball player, Ty Werley said, “It was really awesome, because I contributed and was a part of that win, which is a big accomplishment for me,” explaining how much of an exciting moment this was for the basketball team. 

     The boys basketball team started their record being 4-0, undefeated. But then the team lost two games in a row, which was concerning for how the rest of the season would play out. The team still has a winning record and will continue winning games the rest of the season.

     Last year HAHS basketball did not have a winning record, therefore did not make it to the playoffs. Joe Martin, junior, says, “I think that it will be hard, but we will make it to the playoffs. Although we have to win some crucial games in our division,” showing the amount of dedication it is going to take to make it to the playoffs and keep winning. 

     Overall, the boys basketball team is winning, but it is out of dedication to the sport. Being able to win so many games does not just come easily; it takes hours of hard work and playing together as a team. Each player has to have chemistry and trust one another, which is what the boys basketball team is displaying throughout the 2022-2023 season. Good luck to the HAHS boys basketball team for the rest of the season!