Student Spotlight: Addisyn Smith


Sara Fitzgerald


     Addisyn Smith is a junior at Hamburg Area High School and has recently played Cogsworth in the Beauty and the Beast musical. Addi is a member of the Student Council, Tri-M, Math Honor Society, and choir.  She was a varsity soccer team member until this year when she fully committed to the musical. Addi enjoys singing and dancing so was naturally drawn to the drama department. The musical is a family that is supportive of one another. “It will forever be a good part of our lives. “ 

     Her favorite class is piano because of the relaxing, distressful environment and she loves to make music. Mrs. Jackson is her favorite teacher. Mrs. Jackson is kind and supportive, and she always is supportive of everyone’s musical growth and interests.  Although most people do not enjoy the school environment, Addi enjoys seeing her friends daily. Addisyn advises underclassmen, “ Don’t stress over every little test or graded assignment because, in the long run, you’ll look back and realize that those things you stressed over the matter very little.”