Taylor Swift’s Midnight album review

Madison Redding

 Taylor Swift is a American music sensation who recently came out with her tenth studio album. The album is called midnights the album was a huge success immediately after release with a whopping 161.5 million streams in the matter of weeks, making her one of the most streamed artists in America at that time. The album includes 13 songs including a special three am editions. A few of the songs are snow on the beach, questions?, lavender haze, and more.

     Midnight stuck out immediately to many who were not even  Taylor Swift fans. As well as making previous fans eager to her come back to the music industry. After not releasing a studio album for two years, midnight is a new genre and a new era for Taylor Swift and fans. 

     I recently really listened to the album and can say it is about a eight out of ten. My favorite song was definitely “You’re on your own kid.” This song in particular is very relatable to me. There are many different emotions this song makes me feel almost vulnerable. My favorite lyric is “From sprinkler splashes to fireplace ashes

I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this.” With a upbeat pace and slower lyrics it really hits the top of my charts.I would say that “Would’ve Should’ve Could’ve” would most likely be my second favorite. The song makes you almost feel powerful just by the lyrics themselves. One of my favorite lyrics is, “The tomb won’t close, stained glass windows in my mind

I regret you all the time.” Taylor Swift truly showed her emotions in this song. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this album for I have more recently have been getting into Taylor swift and her music. As someone new to her fandom and fan group, I was very satisfied with her come back and I am eager to here more music to come. 


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