High schoolers predict the Superbowl champion


Tia Adam

     On February 12, 2023, the 57th annual Superbowl was held at State Farm Stadium in Arizona. The Philadelphia Eagles faced the Kansas City Chiefs at kickoff at 6:30 P.M. ET. The Eagles lost by three points against the Chiefs, with seconds left during the fourth quarter. 

     Before the game started, several students took a wild guess about who the winning champion team would be. 

     The following students Bethany Stufflet, John Sharp, Jaden Ryan, and Maddie Handwerk all guessed wrong with the guess of the Eagles winning. 

     These students were all destroyed by the loss of one of their favorite Philadelphia sports teams losing once again in a huge playoff game. They hope that the Eagles will be able to get back up to the playoffs next year and make it to the Superbowl once again, but next time winning the game.