Student Spotlight – Catrina Feltenberger


Paige Cassler, Pinnacle Underclassman Editor

Catrina is a junior at HAHS and is also a varsity cheerleader. In cheerleading Cat is the main base in the main stunt group. Cat has been cheering for six years. Cat has been in Hamburg since 3rd grade and before that she went to Muhlenberg. Cat is a B and C student, and her favorite thing about school is her tech class at BCTC. Cat’s favorite activities are sleeping and cheerleading.

     Nikki Valentino, cheer coach, says three words to describe Cat are strength, humorous, and committed. Nikki has been coaching Cat since her freshman year of high school. Nikki’s opinion on Cat is that she is very “focused, reliable, trustworthy. Cat also never shies away from challenges in her life and she truly is dedicated to her peers”. Some cheer goals Nikki has for Cat are for her to be able to do more two man stunts with ease, but as of right now Cat is giving a peek performance all around. In Nikki’s opinion, Cat’s best qualities are that she is supportive, easy going, and athletic.

     Mikenzie Sterner, a Junior, Kenzie says three words to describe Cat are outgoing, kind, and pretty, she has known Cat since their sophomore year. Kenzie’s opinion on Cat is that she is nice and sweet. Some of Cat’s best qualities in Kenzie’s opinion are that she is loud and helpful. Personally I only met Cat this year because of cheerleading but Cat is one of my best friends and one of my favorite people. Cat is the kind of person who is going to tell someone what they need to hear whether they want to hear it or not.

    Cat has a personality like no one I know. She acts like she does not care sometimes but if someone needs it she can act like she does.