Teacher Spotlight – Mr. Buggy

Hailey Quinn


     Mr. Buggy teaches World Cultures, US Military History, and PA History at HAHS. He began teaching in 2007 and over his 16 years of teaching he has only taught in Hamburg. 

     Mr. Buggy states that his 11th grade History teacher “had a great ability to connect with students and made learning fun,” which is what inspired him to start teaching. He adds that “learning about my grandfather’s involvement in World War II and then expanding my knowledge on new topics,” is what made him want to teach History. 

     There is nothing that Mr. Buggy dislikes about teaching, as he says, “I genuinely like my job.” He states that his favorite part of teaching is “interactions with the students and seeing how much they develop academically throughout the year.” 

     Amelia Gassert, a student in Mr. Buggy’s Honors World Cultures class states, “I think Mr. Buggy is a good teacher because he understands the pressures of honors classes and gets us involved in what we are learning. He runs simulations that help me to better understand what we are learning, rather than just hearing a lecture.” 

     Noah Seidel, a student in all three of Mr. Buggy’s classes says, “I think Mr. Buggy is a good teacher because he makes class fun and easy to learn. Compared to my other classes, Mr. Buggy’s classes are interesting and exciting.” 

     Overall, Mr. Buggy is considered a good teacher by his students, and he makes learning an enjoyable experience.