Softball team looks forward to spring


Erica Gerner


     The Hamburg Softball team is getting ready for another season hopefully winning. With many goals in hand, like beating teams the team fell short to last season, or going farther in the postseason. All these things will come with hard work, and that is exactly what needs to be done when getting ready for the first game. 

     Junior Hailey Strunk stated, “I do have some goals for myself like, to keep my confidence up through the whole season so it doesn’t bring down the other girls.” It is noticeable when there is one teammate down, the rest of the team is down. Therefore, it is very important that the team leaders do a good job keeping up the confidence of themselves and their teammates. 

     With many self goals there are also team goals. Strunk announced, “We are looking for a win in counties, win districts, and go farther in states.” It sounds very possible for the team to go this far, especially from their performance last season. 

     Coach Zena Lutz stated, “My goal for the team this year is to improve and accomplish more as a team….division, county, district, and state championship.” 

     When going into another season after a winning season, it is very important that the team beats the same team and more. Strunk stated, “Due to the loss in the first round of counties against Brandywine, it would feel good to beat Brandywine this season.” It is great to be pushed by a loss in the previous season, that could lead to a success in the following season. Coach Lutz expressed, “The teams I would like to get a win off of this year are Brandywine and Berks Catholic because they will be the harder teams to beat.” 

    Coach Zena Lutz stated, “To achieve those goals every player must work to become more complete players, work together as a team, and compete to the best of our ability each day.” When doing these things in practice it can lead the team to more success than the team had last year. 

     Finally, last year the softball team won the first district championship for women’s sports at HASD. Therefore, Strunk expressed, “It would be awesome if we came back with a back to back district win this season. Along with going farther in the postseason.” 

     With all these goals and achievements in hand, it will be very possible for the softball teams to achieve their goals. Please wish the best of luck to the softball team in hopes for another winning season.