Student Council plans spirit days


LeeAnn Mills

     Every so often around holidays, HAHS has spirit days or weeks where students are encouraged to wear certain clothing items. Around Christmas time students are asked to wear green and red to spur holiday cheer and around spring break there is easter themed attire. Every year there are a plethora of different days and themes that are contrasting from schoolyear to schoolyear.

     Student Council Vice President Gabriella Valentino is in charge of spirit weeks here at HAHS. She said that the ideas for spirit days come from the student council body, Pinterest, and Google. Gabriella also mentioned that spirit dates do have rhyme and reason. Student council tends to look at the school calendar and schedule spirit dates for holidays, upcoming breaks, sports, or large events such as homecoming. Spirit weeks are used as a method of hyping everyone up for the upcoming event and promoting school spirit. 

     Before a spirit day or week can be publicized, it must be approved by Mr. Beisel and therefore follow the dress code. When thinking of ideas for spirit dates, the student council likes to use vague categories that most people could participate in. 

     Years ago student council printed a spirit shirt for every student in the building. The current seniors graduating in 2023 were the last people to get said shirt, but the student council has plans after receiving a little more money from fundraisers, to start the process again.