HAHS girls Basketball season comes to an end


Amelia Gassert


     HAHS girls Basketball season is coming to a quick halt on February 6, 2023. The girls started off rocky in the beginning of the season struggling to work together as a team but finally came together. Although the overall record was not what most players wanted, it does not show the hard work and dedication the HAHS girls basketball team had throughout the season.

     Throughout the whole season there has been so much improvement seen within the players themselves and the team as a whole. Hailie Edwards, HAHS junior captain says, “As a team we are working together more and having fun, and a lot of girls have improved personally,” showing how it is about improving all together along with setting some personal goals.

     Katie Behler, HAHS senior captain, says, “The team has improved on working together, and learned how to help each other out and to have trust in each other,” highlighting that working as a team is one of the biggest aspects within a basketball team. As the girls started working together more and enjoying the sport, the team started to win more and more games throughout the season. 

     Even though there have been close games throughout the season that the girls basketball team ended up losing, there were games that were pulled together in the end. One prime example is the game against Fleetwood Area High School where Hamburg won within the last seconds of the game. Katie Behler says, “Fleetwood thought they were coming into an easy game, but we ended up beating them in the last seconds in the game on a buzzer beater,” emphasizing how surreal it felt to be an underdog in a game and win. Coming into most games, the girls basketball team has been underdogs about every time, so that itself is a battle to overcome.

     By the end of the season, the HAHS girls basketball team has been playing stronger together. Hailie Edwards hopes for her senior season that the team starts strong right away and starts winning games in the beginning of the season. There will be three key players leaving the team this year; Katie Behler, Hannah Gravish, and Anabel Kennedy. Katie Behler says, “I am going to miss my teammates the most. With having a hard season, we learned how to keep each other smiling,” highlighting the impact a team can have on one’s life. 

     Overall, the HAHS girls basketball team did not do as well as hoped, but are ready to come back next year and to work even harder. There is always room for improvement and the team will be back next year ready to play.