HAHS holds winter concert


Hannah Kristiniak


     On January 24, 2023, HAHS held its annual winter concert. Every year, Hamburg Area High School holds a winter concert where all the ensembles of music get to perform and show off their progress from the school year, and this year’s winter concert was held in the auditorium.

     The ensemble groups that participated were choir, band, jazz band, orchestra, chamber strings, Aerial Boundaries, and voice class. All the ensembles of music meet together and got to perform about two or three songs, and the directors for this event were Mrs. Dowd for orchestra and chamber strings, Mrs. Kline for band and jazz band, and Mrs. Jackson for choir.

     Hannah Ortiz, a sophomore at HAHS, is involved in choir and Aerial Boundaries and participated in the winter concert this year as well as last year. She says, “I had a really good time because I enjoy music and I have always enjoyed singing. I also enjoyed listening to the other ensemble groups because I like to see the work that they have done.” Hannah also says that it is super fulfilling to perform the music she has put hard work into all year. Her favorite part was talking, getting to know, and bonding with senior, Chevelle Pinter who offered her inspiration.