Why taking science important

Danelle Wollyung

     Mrs. Bucheit, “teaches two levels of environmental science and shares that taking is important for students to take because of the environmental problems that we are facing at local, national, and global levels.  As the human population continues to grow, those problems are only going to get worse. “It is important for people to understand the impact that their daily decisions have on the planet and how to make choices that will have less of a negative impact on the environment.” I also teach Honors Biology.  Biology is important for students to take because it is a course which is required by the state of Pennsylvania to graduate. More importantly, a basic knowledge of biology will allow students to have a better understanding of living things, including themselves, how living things interact, and what is necessary to maintain life on this planet. 

     According to HAHS science teacher, Mr. Lowe, “It is important for students to take science classes to develop their reasoning and logic skills. Science is also one of the major ways that we as humans know things about our world, so all people should learn the basics of science. Also, since we live in a democracy people need to be educated so they elect qualified leaders. If politicians are telling lies, but people are too uneducated to realize it, then those politicians can get elected. Those politicians will enact terrible policies because they are wrong about the underlying truths.”

     Science options that are available at HAHS are Biology, Integrated Science, Environmental and Natural Resources, AP Environmental, Biology (PS), Honors Biology, Advanced PLacement (AP) Biology, Chemistry (PS), Honors Chemistry, Exploring Chemistry, Advanced Topics in Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Honors Physics, Physics (PS), AP Physics 1, Forensic Science 1, Forensic Science 2, Infectious Diseases, The Cosmic Landscape, Stars and Galaxies, and Introduction to Geospatial Technologies (GIS).